We have experience building commercial and internal business mobile apps for Android, leveraging the full power of the Android OS and device-specific features. Our Android app developers know their way around the most recent Android platform and API bundles, as well as Java, Kotlin, C++ and development tools like Android Studio and the Eclipse IDE. We will help you design, code and deploy your custom Android App on the Google Play Store.

We provide native app development for the complete suite of Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches (watchOS). Beyond understanding the basics of the iOS development environment, our programmers have experience building apps that incorporate specific native features, like Apple Pay and Facetime. We require our iOS app developers to be experts in Swift and Objective-C, as well as frameworks like the iOS SDK, Xcode and Cocoa Controls. We will also assist in deploying your application on the App Store.

We provide custom Content Management Systems (CMS) for your business. Connecting the CMS to your app allowing you full control of your applications data. Integrations with payment gateways, user management and communication channels(Push notifications, SMS). Our back-end team works on ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Go with a both SQL and NoSQL Databases.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development

In addition to native development, we also provide hybrid and cross-platform mobile development.


Industry Verticals

Restaurants and Food Delivery

Cafeterias and Coffee Delivery


Taxi, Ride Sharing and Tracking


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