Cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and AI are key to unlocking and implementing innovative smart city management. The transformation from digital cities to smarter and more intelligent cities requires a comprehensive modernization of city management systems and capabilities.

Smart Cities

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Prevention and Control of the Covid-19 Pandemics

The solution is an AI-enabled smart pandemic prevention and control system that focuses on places, people, food, and emergencies. It provides intelligent coordinated alerts, including identity authentication, automated temperature measurements, foot traffic monitoring, vehicle identification, object detection and scenario identification. The solution serves to optimize pandemic prevention and control measures, better distil management data, and regulate transaction orders.


AI-enabled Smart IoT Solution

This solution is designed to address a wide array of challenges in urban planning and management. It enables the application of AI-driven smart IoT solutions for the management of muck trucks, general sanitation, and public safety. It covers buildings, public facilities, environmental sanitation, gardening and remote enforcement support, thereby advancing intelligent urban development.


Intelligent Video Analysis

Building on urban video big data, the solution utilizes intelligent video analysis, deep machine learning and data-driven prediction technologies to create a hyper-intelligent platform that meets the governance standards of cities where it operates. It is intended for the active prevention of violations in urban areas that feature 24/7 all-around automated supervision. The solution advances city management systems and capabilities, making them more intelligent and accelerates high-quality development.


Refined Big Data-driven Management

The solution leverages AI and big data to build a smart city operating system for autonomous urban management. It utilizes idle data to unleash the value of big data, reducing human involvement through automated case processing and thereby shortening the process cycle.

Based on our proprietary object detection system, a new-generation AI productivity platform, we leverage 5G, big data and IoT to create an integrated smart city management platform featuring cognition, comprehension, reasoning and learning capabilities. The platform empowers city managers to redefine city planning in a new context as well as promote new innovative city management frameworks and approaches.

State of The Art


AI-empowered city governance to support pandemic prevention and control

Big data, AI, IoT and other advanced technologies are being used to help combat the Covid-19 pandemic and Realize full-cycle, 24/7 urban dynamic awareness and control.


AI driving the intelligent transformation of city management

AI, which promises to transform productivity, is the driving force behind a new five-factor framework for integrated urban management, which is comprised of: perception; analysis; service; command; and supervision. It also enables the construction of an intelligent city governance system that is precise, refined, agile, and nimble, enabling the public to live more comfortable and convenient lives.


AI-enabled remote intelligent supervision to strengthen management, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency

In addition to basic operations and risk prevention, smart city management requires the effective use of AI, blockchain, and other technologies to reduce costs and enhance efficiency and improve the effectiveness of remote and real-time supervision for intelligent city administration.


AI-based video big data driving urban management revolution

The utilization of big data and technology’s ability to detect people, vehicles, and non-motor vehicles will enhance scientific, refined and intelligent management and decision-making processes for addressing chronic urban challenges.

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