Smart logistics technologies, such as smart warehousing, fully automated delivery, and logistics robots, will be the core components of smart factories and intelligent logistics centre that enable MTO (make-to-order), on-demand consumption and logistics. They will aid in making warehousing, logistics, manufacturing and supply chain digital, intelligent and smart.

Logistics Intelligence

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Life-cycle Management

For industrial and business logistics, the solution provides a full-process service system that covers consultation, planning, simulation, implementation, delivery, operations, and maintenance.


Human-machine Collaboration and Compatibility

The solution builds on business systems supported by Megvii Hetu and connects compatible intelligent logistics equipment to enable intelligent management across the entire ecosystem.


Innovation and Shared Ecosystem

Through its proprietary research and development and innovation of core intelligent devices, we strive to build our system and create a robotics IoT ecosystem that connects 10 billion intelligent devices.

Our new-generation AI productivity platform, uses its ever-evolving innovative algorithms to empower traditional logistics equipment. The result is that our system engages partners across the industry chain and builds a Smart Warehouse Solution, helping enterprises reduce costs, enhance efficiency and streamline management.


State of The Art



The solution’s workflow is standardized to enable process reengineering and orderly operations through data-based means.



To become more flexible and intelligent, traditional intelligent devices urgently need upgrading to newer technologies.


Efficient Collaboration

As business scenarios are evolving rapidly, operating systems that link up people, goods and warehouse require efficient collaboration.


Sharing Ecosystem

Complex business scenarios require new industry partnerships to build ecosystems and promote industrial development.

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