Intelligent logistics goes beyond the physical campus itself and involves the movement of goods and vehicles and people on and off-campus spaces. The growing range of technology applications required by smart logistics campuses has come to encompass more intelligent scheduling, forecasting and even automated decision-making. Smart logistics campuses also require enhanced safety management and greater operational efficiency.

Logistics Intelligence

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Asset-light Investment

Requiring less hardware investment than traditional systems, our Intelligent Logistics Solution capitalizes on existing devices for data collection, turning every piece of logistics and security equipment into a node of its network



Our Intelligent Logistics Solution enables static storage capacity and dynamic throughput capacity and allows customers to monitor changing orders and real-time operations. It coordinates the operation of subsystems to maximize system efficiency.


Easy Process Adaptation

Rather than overhauling existing operational processes, the solution requires moderate adaptation, resulting in orderly and transparent transitions.


Efficiency and Safety

The solution leverages edge computing for rapid judgment and decision-making. It utilizes holographic sensing devices to reduce blind spots that blight traditional sensing devices. Drawing on computing power and algorithms, it enhances both efficiency and safety.

Powered by emerging IT technologies like AI, our Intelligent LogisticsĀ  Solution is a safe, intelligent, collaborative, and green solution that is optimized for both intra-warehouse operations and campus management. The solution links up multiple flexible robots and intelligent equipment and integrates robotics and IoT operating systems and intelligent software for model innovation and improved efficiency. For campus management, comprises a system that senses and manages people, vehicles, goods, and warehouses, and conducts O&M of infrastructure, the environment, and key buildings.

iot logistics

State of The Art


Technological Convergence

The combined use of cloud computing, big data, IoT, 5G, and AI accelerates the transformation of Intelligent Logistics Center.



Operators build a comprehensive visualized, managed and controllable system for intra-warehouse operations, business analysis, decision-making assistance and logistics campus management.



Complete digital systems are being established for comprehensive perception and connecting different subjects in the same environment.



Solutions are delivering convenient experiences, safety and greater control, improved efficiency, and sustainable development on various fronts, benefiting enterprises, personnel, and other campus participants.

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